Eye Allergy Treatment Tips & Tricks

If you suffer from allergies during the warm spring and summer months, know you’re not alone. More than 19 million Americans are affected. When it comes to eye allergies the common indoor and outdoor irritants are dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and pollen.

Find out how to tell if you’re suffering from eye allergies or something more, and how to treat the allergies when they get in the way of living life comfortably.

Is it Eye Allergies or Pink Eye?

With sudden onset of eye irritation, you may think pink eye is the culprit. Pink eye is an easily spreadable viral or bacterial infection of the eye tissue. When determining if it’s pink eye or allergies you must look at pink eye symptoms verse allergies. Pink eye and eye allergies commonly lead to red and itchy eyes, but pink eye often includes a thick discharge. 

Can Eye Allergies Mess With Your Vision?  

Common eye allergy symptoms include irritation, puffiness and headaches. None of these symptoms are fun to deal with all day during the allergy season. Read on for tips and tricks to combat your eye allergies. 

Eye Drops

Reaching for the eye drops for dry eye or irritation is a common thing we do. With so many different kinds of eye drops on the market it’s important to know which drops will relieve what you’re suffering from. Talk with your eye doctor to find the right drops to help with your eye allergy symptoms. 

Ways to Minimize Symptoms Before They Set In

  • Start Early: Start taking allergy medicine when you anticipate or feel your exposure to irritants. 

  • Clean, Clean, Clean: Keep surfaces in your home clean with wet cleaning methods, as opposed to just dusting. Keep your bed sheets and clothes worn outdoors washed regularly to cut down on allergen exposure. 

  • Wearing a Mask: Wearing a mask during outdoor activities such as gardening can help limit exposure. 

  • Eye Protection: Wearing sunglasses or glasses can help keep irritants at bay and out of your eyes 

  • Hydration and a healthy diet: As with other ailments, staying well hydrated and eating a balanced diet keeps your body ready for any health challenge. 

When to See a Doctor for Eye Allergies?

If you’re unable to tolerate your eye allergy symptoms, and home remedies aren’t working any longer it’s time to see your eye doctor, especially if your symptoms turn painful.

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