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Dental Office Toolkit


Dental office staff can sign up or log in to get fast online claims processing and easy access to information


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Member Portal


Get instant and secure access to your benefit's information when you need it. Print an ID card, check eligibility, review claims, and more.


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Benefit Manager Toolkit


Manage your group's eligibility, view benefit information, review claims, print ID Cards and more.


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Producer Toolkit


Create instant quotes for groups with 2-99 lives. Test different options to find the right mix of benefits for your client.


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Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser for our toolkits. Please access them using another browser.

Manage Your Individual Plan

Essential, Superior & Brighter Advantage Plan Members®


For Individual plan members who enrolled AFTER September 22, 2017. Update your personal information or payment details here. To review claims, print ID cards, and review eligibility, click "Log In" above and go to "Member Portal."


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Individual & Family Plan Members®


For Individual & Family plan members who enrolled BEFORE September 22, 2017.



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If you are member enrolled in a group coverage plan through your employer, please register or sign in using Member Portal.