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DDTN At A Glance 2018

Delta Dental of Tennessee At a Glance

7001 DD Networks-8 5x11-TN_Numbers 9_15_2017

Delta Dental of Tennessee's Networks

2017 Customer Satisfaction Flyer

Delta Dental of Tennessee's Customer Satisfaction

Delta Dental Fact Sheet 2018

National Fact Sheet

7018 DentalInsurance101-WhatDentalBenDo_DDTN

What Dental Benefits Do and Don't Do

7018 DentalInsurance101-HowtoSave_DDTN

How to Save on Dental Care

7018 DentalInsurance101-HowtoChoose_DDTN

How to Choose a Dental Plan

7018 DentalInsurance101-DDTN

Dental Benefits Glossary

9635 DentalIns 102-PreTreatEst-TN

Why Get a Pre-Treatment Estimate?

9635 DentalIns 102-LifetimeMax-TN

What Are Lifetime Maximums?

9635 DentalIns 102-BalanceBill-TN

What Is Balance Billing?

9635 DentalIns 102-DentalEmerg-TN

How Does Dental Emergency Coverage Work?


Individual Plan Brochure


Individual Plan Welcome Brochure - English

8422 CommonProcedure-TN-8 5x11_F-1

How Dental Plans Help You Save

271 DDTN Coordination of Benefits 11 17 17

Coordination of Benefits

6086 How we Pay Ortho

How We Pay Orthodontic Services

8570 LifeStages-0-3-85x11_F-TN

Baby Basics

8570 LifeStages-4-12-8 5x11_F-TN

Kidding Around

8570 LifeStages-13-19-8 5x11_F-TN

Teen Teeth

8570 LifeStages-20-35-8 5x11_F-TN

Young Adult Care

8570 LifeStages-35-64-8 5x11_F-TN

Midlife Matters

8570 LifeStages-65plus-85x11_F-TN

Golden Years

Effective Discount Flyer 2017v2

Overall Network Value

Effective Discount Detailer 2017v2

Numbers Behind the Network

DDPA Effective Discount Slides 2017 v2

Effective Discount

Member Portal Flyer

Member Portal Guide


Member Portal Guide (Spanish)

DOT Flyer

Dental Office Toolkit Guide

Contact your Account Manager to request customized versions of these flyers for your group.

8422 Voluntary Flyer-TN-8 5x11_F

Open Enrollment Announcement - Short

8422 Voluntary Flyer-TN-11x17_F

Open Enrollment Announcement - Long

8422 Voluntary Flyer-Reminder-TN-8 5x11_F

Open Enrollment Reminder

welcome brochure thumbnail

Welcome Brochure - English

2019 Welcome Brochure_ES-US_cover-384

Welcome Brochure - Spanish

7030 Why Go PPO-Flyer-TN_F

Why Going PPO Saves Money

7030 Why Go PPO-Flyer-TN_Spanish

Why Going PPO Saves Money - Spanish

7030 MorePatientsChoosingPPO-Flyer-TN_F

Why More Patients Choose PPO

7030 SmarttoGoPPO-Flyer-TN_F

It's Smart to Go PPO

287 Why Visit the Dentist 7 2014 v3

Why Visit The Dentist

7853 PreventiveCare-8 5x11-TN

Preventive Benefits

7853 Specialist-8 5x11-TN

Visiting a Specialist

7853 OralCancerService-8 5x11-TN

Oral Cancer Services