Group Plans

Delta Dental offers two proprietary networks: Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier. Putting these two networks together provides the greatest access to care as well as out-of-pocket savings for your employees.

Delta Dental PPO™ – This network provides deeper discounts for greater savings for you.

Delta Dental Premier® - With three out of four dentists nationwide, Delta Dental Premier has the largest network of dentists anywhere, providing an unmatched level of patient protection.

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier™ - By combining the extensive size of the Delta Dental Premier network and the deeper discounts of the Delta Dental PPO network, the Delta Dental PPO plus Premier plan can help reduce claims costs. Enrollees have access to both the Delta Dental PPO and the Delta Dental Premier network dentists, which helps ensure greater access to network dentists.

Let us show you how these two networks can work together to create a unique safety net feature, adding a level of financial security that is unequaled in the industry.



How our PPO and Premier Discounts Work Together