Why Dental Benefits?

According to the Surgeon General, 164 million work hours are lost each year due to dental-related illnesses in adults, and kids miss approximately 51 million school hours each year due to oral health issues. Providing employees and their families with dental insurance can help keep them at work and productive. Preventive dental care can reduce the occurrence of more costly dental issues. A healthy smile is important – not only to oral health but for overall health, too. Did you know a dentist can detect more than 120 symptoms of non-dental diseases—including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and osteoporosis—during a routine oral exam? A dentist may be the first line of defense in diagnosing health problems that could be more costly in the long run.

Having dental coverage helps members get the care they need to stay healthy. It also can help keep overall health care costs down. After all, good health starts with a healthy smile!


Why Delta Dental?

  • ExperiencedWith more than 55 years of experience, our family of companies comprises the nation's largest and most experienced dental benefits carrier. We specialize in delivering the best possible value to our customers for their dental benefits dollars — and to the 8 million people currently served by our family of companies.

  • AffordableDelta Dental saves customers and enrollees hundreds of millions of dollars each year by continually finding better, more efficient ways to conduct business. Overall, Delta Dental of Tennessee saves customers and enrollees more than $80 million each year through our comprehensive networks and efficient business practices—that’s The Delta Dental DifferenceSM.

  • NationwideAbout three out of four dentists nationwide participate in one or more of the Delta Dental networks, giving Delta Dental the nation’s largest network of participating dentists.

  • QualityAt Delta Dental, we bring quality to all we do. We offer hassle-free customer service with more than 97% of all claims processed within 10 business days with a 100 percent accuracy rate. We have a retention rate of 93 percent and a 99.65 percent group satisfaction rate. Furthermore, our network dentists go through a rigorous credentialing process to ensure all of our members receive superior dental care.

  • InnovativeWe have an advantage that none of our competitors can come close to matching — the world’s most comprehensive collection of dental claims data, along with a staff of experts dedicated to analyzing and interpreting it. Through our Research and Data Institute, we transform this data into information that reduces our customers’ health care costs and improves our enrollees’ oral health.

Maximize Your Benefits

Pre-treatment Estimate

A written estimate of benefits that may be available under your plan


Coordination of Benefits

Coordination of Benefits is a procedure for paying health care expenses when people are covered by more than one dental plan.


In-Network Benefits

Lower your out-of-pocket costs by choosing a dentist who participates in the Delta Dental PPO or Delta Dental Premier networks.


Explanation of Benefits

This document will explain what procedures were covered under your benefits plan.