Protect Your Smile This Halloween

Some candy is scarier for your teeth than others.

Halloween is an exciting and fun time for kids – but it can be a scary one for their teeth. Here are some tips and tricks to keep the cavity monsters away this Halloween:

1: Have Halloween treat bags ready

Consider having a Halloween treat bag ready for your kids at the end of the night, including a new toothbrush (perhaps featuring the character they dressed up as for the night), brightly colored floss and bubble gum-flavored toothpaste.  

2: Focus on the safest candy for your smile

Chocolate is generally your safest choice of candy when it comes to protecting your smile, as chocolate melts quickly and is relatively easy to wash off your teeth. Gummy and sticky candy tends to stick to the teeth as well as possibly loosen braces and harm fillings or other dental work.  

3: Pass out an alternative to candy

Consider passing out little packages of sliced apples or carrots. Crisp fruits and vegetables act like natural toothbrushes by cleaning off sugary residue and massaging the gums. Pretzels are also a good alternative. 

4: Prepare with a healthy meal

Before your child goes out trick or treating, make sure they eat a healthy and filling meal or snack, so they won’t be as hungry when they are tempted to eat their candy while they are out.

5: Eat candy with a meal

The best way to eat candy is with a meal so that saliva flow can help wash sugar from the teeth.

6: Drink a glass of milk or water

Brushing right away may not be possible for a lot of kids on Halloween Drinking a glass of milk or water can help wash the sugar off their teeth. Chewing gum with xylitol can also help! 

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