How Dental Pre-Treatment Estimates Work

4 easy steps to get a pre-treatment estimate

Getting a pre-treatment estimate is easy.

  1. Discuss the dental procedure with your dentist.
  2. The next step is to have your dentist submit a proposed treatment plan and supporting X-rays to Delta Dental.
  3. We will review these documents and your specific benefits plan.
  4. We then respond to you and your dentist with a treatment cost estimate.

The estimate is based on the type of plan you have, your eligibility, your current plan benefits and the amount remaining in your annual maximum. Estimates are usually returned in a matter of days, but more complex treatments can take longer to assess.

Keep treatment costs within your budget

Pre-treatment estimates are helpful when it comes to budgeting for dental procedures. They can also help determine how you and your dentist decide to proceed with a treatment – your dentist may be able to suggest alternate treatments and procedures based on what your plan covers.

Estimates are most typically requested for costly procedures such as crowns, wisdom tooth extractions, bridges, dentures and oral surgery.

Don’t get left wondering how much your dental treatment is going to cost. Ask your dentist to request a pre-treatment estimate!

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