5 Secrets to Whole Body-Wellness

Staying active by walking, riding a bike or swimming can improve and maintain your health and well-being.

1: Work out wisely

After exercising, avoid gaining calories back with a sugary sports drink or smoothie. And don’t forget lip balm with SPF and a mouth guard to protect your lips, teeth and mouth.

2: Hydrate With Water

Reducing sugar is key to maintaining a healthy diet —and key to preventing tooth decay. Need something after a workout? Choose water instead of soda or other drinks with added sugar and calories. Your mouth and your waistline will thank you.

3: Snack Sensibly

Reach for fresh fruit or a piece of sugar-free gum rather than chips, a cookie, cupcake, or piece of pie. Chewing sugar free gum sweetened with xylitol can also help clean your teeth and reduce your risk of cavities.

4: Eat in Moderation

To maintain a healthy diet, watch portion sizes. But be sure not to overdo it. Reducing food intake too much can lead to a weakened jawbone, softened enamel and deficient gums.

5: Vary Your Food Groups

Eating a variety of foods is best for your overall health —and for healthy teeth and gums. Calcium-rich foods promote strong teeth and bones. Phosphorus is great for teeth strength. Many fruits and vegetables promote gum health.

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