Stretch benefits further with D&P Maximum Advantage®

This add on feature excludes charges for diagnostic and preventive services from the annual maximum, helping employees get more from their dental benefits. Enrollees will have more dollars to use for other needed dental services

Available to add on to Delta Dental
employer-paid plans

Encourages preventive care and promotes wellness

More dollars for costly procedures available right away

How does it work?


  • Available on enrollee’s first effective day

  • Renews automatically each year

  • No qualifying events or dollar amounts to track

What costs are waived?

  • X-rays

  • Cleanings

  • Exams

Help your employees get the most out of their benefit dollars

D&P Maximum Advantage® is a great way to promote diagnostic and preventive services — and avoid lost productivity from dental issues. 

With this plan feature, members don’t have to forego routine and preventive care in order to “save” annual maximum dollars for more expensive procedures. By ensuring that diagnostic and preventative procedures don’t count against their annual maximums, D&P Maximum Advantage® leaves members with more maximum dollars available to cover costly, extensive procedures they may need, like fillings, gum disease treatment, root canals and crowns.

Plus, promoting routine care can reduce the need for expensive dental services in the future since missed oral examinations can leave potential risks undetected.

Here’s an example comparing the annual maximum dollars available for members with and without D&P Maximum Advantage®

Two routine dental checkups including: exams, x-rays & cleanings Without D&P Maximum Advantage®
$1,000 Maximum Delta Dental pays: $350 Enrollee pays: $0 Maximum remaining: $650
With D&P Maximum Advantage®
$1,000 Maximum Delta Dental pays: $350 Enrollee pays: $0 Maximum remaining: $1,000

With D&P Maximum Advantage®, members have more of their annual maximum left after getting diagnostic and preventive care.

Benefits of adding D&P Maximum Advantage® to your plan

By getting regular cleanings and exams, members can catch minor issues while they’re still easily treatable and prevent major issues from developing.

  • More than 164 million work hours are lost each year due to oral disease.
  • Routine exams help prevent a multitude of health issues and illnesses because routine dental exams can detect the first warning signs for 90% of all systemic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

 Nominal cost to add this feature to your Delta Dental plan

You can make these plans available to your employees at a cost-savings compared to individual plans and at no cost to you! Your Delta Dental plan can be 100% voluntary and fully-insured.

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