Add flavor to your coffee without harming your teeth

Calling all coffee drinkers! You may be a latte lover, but you probably don’t love all the cavity-causing sugar that’s in your favorite flavored syrup, creamer or sugar packet. Try some alternatives to keep the flavor but ditch the cavities.


1. Try a natural sweetener.

Stevia is plant-based, calorie-free and up to 450 times sweeter than sugar, although it can taste slightly bitter. Because it’s a natural sugar, it doesn’t have the same cavity-causing effect as refined sugar. Some research has suggested that using stevia may even prevent weight gain and can help reduce overall blood sugar levels.1


2. Add cocoa powder.

Not only does cocoa bring more flavor to coffee, but it’s also full of antioxidants. These antioxidants come with health benefits, like decreasing your risk of heart disease, improving blood flow for healthy gum tissue and reducing inflammation for lower risk of gum disease. Look for unsweetened 100% cocoa powder for the mocha flavor you crave without the sugary syrup.


3. Sprinkle in cinnamon.

Full of fall flavor, cinnamon is a fan-favorite addition to coffee. It also comes with health benefits like anti-inflammatory properties that can help repair gum tissue. Cinnamon can lower blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides in diabetics. Try adding cinnamon to your coffee grounds before brewing traditional drip coffee to intensify the flavor.

Avoid staining your teeth by drinking your coffee in one sitting rather than sipping on it throughout the day, and drink a glass of water after your coffee to rinse your mouth and teeth.

1National Center for Biotechnology Information, Effects of Stevia Rebaudiana on Glucose Homeostasis, Blood Pressure and Inflammation

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