Tongue mewing defined

Tongue mewing defined

Simply put, tongue mewing is the practice of placing your tongue against the roof of your mouth with the hopes of changing the shape, muscle tone and appearance of your face structure.

Tongue mewing claims to also help treat sleep apnea, sinusitis, snoring, jaw pain and more. Current research has not supported tongue mewing as a proven way to change the shape of your jawline.

The risks

Your jaw is just one part of a very complex structure that makes up your face, head and neck. It’s impossible to change one part without influencing the others.

Possible dangers of tongue mewing

  • Misaligning teeth, and upper and lower jaw

  • Pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

  • Mistakenly trying mewing instead of getting needed dental treatment

  • Prioritizing the jawline’s appearance rather than its health and function

Our verdict: Practicing tongue mewing can’t guarantee a difference in the appearance of your jawline and may come with risks that could lead to the need for more serious dental treatments. Discuss any changes to your oral health care routine with your dentist, who can provide recommendations and information to ensure you continue to have a healthy smile.

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